Academic Programs: Certificates

View a list of undergraduate certificates offered by CLAS.

Certificates are offered by three or more departments or areas, engaging students in a focused study of an interdisciplinary topic that may complement other degree work or provide specialized training unavailable from other programs.

Certificates generally require a curriculum of  around 18 to 21 s.h. of coursework.

Certificates may not duplicate an existing major, minor, or other certificate.

When completing the requirements specified for multiple programs of study, such as for a minor, certificate, or major, double counting of course work is limited to 6 s.h. [Note: The General Education Program courses are not included in this policy.]

A grade point average of at least 2.00 must be earned in all work attempted as part of the certificate. No course taken Pass/Nonpass may be used as part of a certificate. Courses graded S/F may be used at the discretion of the offering department or program.

The department or program also determines whether transfer course work or credit earned by examination may be used to earn the certificate.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may earn certificates offered by the College and by other colleges in the University. Other policies pertaining to students earning certificates are available in the Academic Policies Handbook.

View guidelines for creating or modifying an undergraduate certificate.

See the UI Graduate Manual for information on procedures for approving new graduate programs, including certificates.