Print Standards & Policies

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Identity Standards

The College's graphic system consists of a logo (the arch) and a wordmark (the words "College of Liberal Arts & Sciences"). The wordmark and logo can be used together as a single element, or the wordmark may be used alone. See below for the identity specifications of different types of publications.

Note: Design services for printed materials provided or purchased outside University Printing and Mailing Services must comply with College and University identity standards.

External Audience Publications

Examples of external audiences: prospective undergraduate and graduate students, prospective faculty or staff members, alumni, legislators, and other friends of CLAS.
Examples of external audience publications: posters, brochures, flyers, newsletters. Both printed and electronic departmental newsletters are included (see note about contribution forms below).

  • Both 1) the UI wordmark and logo and 2) the CLAS wordmark (or logo and wordmark as a single element) must appear and be clearly visible on the front cover of external audience publications (for example, a poster, brochure, flyer, or newsletter).
  • The UI wordmark also must appear on the back cover of the publications.
  • The smallest acceptable size for the CLAS logo and wordmark is as follows:
    CLAS Logotype (arch and words): 3/8" high (measured from the top of the arch to the baseline)
    CLAS Wordmark (1-line): 1.5" wide
    CLAS Wordmark (2-line): 1.25" wide

For size requirements on the web, please see CLAS Web Standards. For UI logo and wordmark specifications, please refer to the University Brand Manual.

Note about newsletter contribution forms: Whenever a contribution form is included in a department newsletter, the CLAS wordmark and an appeal code must appear on the form. The UI Foundation will supply the appeal code, review the account name and number, and approve the entire form prior to inclusion in the newsletter. This will ensure that gifts are recorded properly and UI Foundation, University, and IRS guidelines are followed. Please contact Susan Hauer at 335-3305.

Publications that invite participation


All stationery items, including letterhead (both print and electronic), memos, business cards, and envelopes, are printed by University Printing and Mailing Services (319-384-3700). Printing and Mailing Services will ensure that all identity standards and policies are met. View the price list.

Job postings

University departments are required to use the University wordmark in all job-opening advertisements. 

Display advertising

Display ads created for use in newspapers (including The Daily Iowan, the Iowa City Press Citizen, and the Cedar Rapids Gazette), magazines, and other printed media must include the CLAS wordmark. 

Invitations to department- or CLAS-sponsored events

Both the College's wordmark and the University's wordmark and logo must be used on invitations for College-sponsored events. All three elements must show on the front of the invitation. In addition, the University wordmark must appear on the back. Note: If the invitation is 5" x 7" or smaller, all three elements may be placed on the back of the invitation.

Promotional items

The College's logo and wordmark may be used on collateral items such as mugs, pencils, hats, T-shirts, etc.

For more information, please consult the University Brand Manual.