What's New in Driving Excellence and Impact

As planning for and implementation of Driving Excellence and Impact continues, updates will be added here for quick reference, as well as to other relevant pages.

Update September 18, 2019:

The search committee has been announced for the Associate Dean positions:

Dean                     Steve Goddard, Dean, CLAS

Admin                   Alaina Hanson, Faculty HR, CLAS

Co-Chair               Jerry Moon, Professor, CSD

Co-Chair               Ana Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Member              Dan Matheson, Associate Professor of Instruction, Health & Human Physiology

Member              Becca Tritten, Division Administrator, World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Member              Maurine Neiman, Associate Professor, Biology

Member              George Hospodarsky, Associate Research Scientist, Physics & Astronomy

Member              Craig Gibson, Professor, Classics

Member              Ben Coelho, Professor, Music

Member              Sara Mitchell, Professor, Political Science

Member              Rachel McLaren, Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Member              Mary Beth Easley, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts

Update September 11, 2019:

Please visit this page for an update on all aspects of Driving Excellence and Impact. This was provided to faculty and staff shared governance groups on September 10, and appeared in the DEO Mailing on September 11.

Update September 9, 2019:

To:                Departmental Executive Officers

From:           Steve Goddard, Dean

Re:                Searches for new Associate Deans

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences seeks internal candidates to fill three Associate Dean positions in the areas of Strategic Initiatives, Arts & Humanities, and Natural, Mathematical, & Social Sciences. 

The search committee will meet to discuss candidate applications on or after September 27, 2019.  Interviews are expected to take place in October, with the appointment beginning no later than January 1, 2020.

If you are interested in this position or would like to encourage other faculty members you believe would execute these duties exceptionally well, please refer to the position description links below:

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Associate Deans for the Areas (Arts & Humanities and Natural, Mathematical, & Social Sciences)

Expressing interest in these positions and/or applying for these positions is a confidential process.  We will maintain confidentiality in accordance to the University Policy on Job Applicant Confidentiality.  Your name will only be discussed within the context of the search committee meetings, until it is appropriate to make the finalists’ names public, unless otherwise requested.

If you have any questions regarding this search process, please contact Steve Goddard, steve-goddard@uiowa.edu.

Thank you.

Update August 29, 2019:

CLAS is conducting an internal search during fall 2019 for three new Associate Dean positions:

  • Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities
  • Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences
  • Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

The searches will be conducted by a single joint committee, comprising 6-10 individuals representing multiple perspectives from across the college.

We are seeking nominations for the search committee. If you are interested in serving, or have colleagues in mind who you think would be good search committee members, please tell us by email at clas-transition@uiowa.edu.

The committee will host open forums for the candidates and will welcome feedback from faculty, staff, and students.

Update August 22, 2019:

Added New CLAS Budget Model to https://clas.uiowa.edu/excellence-and-impact/operational-and-fiscal-management