Policy, Procedure, and Practice

Update 4-20-2020

The CLAS Policy and Procedures website has been launched: https://policy.clas.uiowa.edu. this site will serve as the official archive for CLAS policies and procedures.

Update 10-23:

  • Kristi Fitzpatrick, Director, CLAS Grant Support Office, is leading the Policy, Procedure, and Practice track.
  • CLAS policies identified as top priority for departments’ operational needs are being written or revised as needed.
  • Kristi’s team is then consulting with three CLAS Policy Review Committees, comprising DEOs and ASG members, to ensure that those top-priority CLAS policies are clear and useful for departmental users.
  • All CLAS policies will undergo this process during the coming months.
  • A policy website is in development; the site will go live before spring semester 2020. This site will provide “one-stop shopping” for CLAS Dean’s Office policies related to collegiate and departmental operational and fiscal management.

To enhance efficiency and communication among the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Office, its administrative units, and CLAS departments, the Dean's Office is conducting a thorough review of policies, procedures, and practices as part of Driving Excellence and Impact. Clarity of policy at the collegiate and departmental levels is essential for efficient management.

During fall 2019, the Dean's Office is compiling a broad inventory of policies regarding collegiate and departmental operations, DEOs, faculty, staff, and students. This inventory will  allow the Dean's Office to identify duplicative, unnecessary, unclear, or missing policies, and work to clarify policy, rectify problems, and eliminate confusion. The process will also designate the "owner" of a given policy, who will have the authority for enforcing, maintaining, and updating the policy. Ultimately, this policy-clarification initiative will provide DEOs better and clearer direction and guidance in leading their departments.

To facilitate clear and efficient communication of policy, the Dean's Office will create one or more searchable, comprehensive websites where all CLAS community members can easily find relevant policies and contact information for the owner of the policy.