CLAS Fall 2020 Resources: Facilities

Facilities Use and Maintenance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Facilities Maintenance Custodial Services: FM will be deploying daytime custodians to clean high touch surfaces, restock health stations, and check restrooms.

Classrooms: Classrooms will have cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Students and instructors are expected to clean their desk areas (including related equipment) upon arrival and prior to departure. Custodial Services will stock cleaning supplies daily in all university and departmental classrooms.

Building Operations: Air handling units are being adjusted to maximize airflow during occupancy, improving filtration (MERV-13 filters have been installed), and increasing fresh air intake. Systems will turn on at least two hours before occupancy to purge air from classroom spaces.

FM questions or concerns can be addressed at the FM@YourService portal using the “Ask a COVID-19 Question” button.

Masks or face shields are required in all classrooms, hallways, and common areas. Common areas and classrooms should have seating removed to promote reduced occupancy and social distancing.

UI guidelines for shared office spaces indicate ~113 square feet per occupant. In some offices, plexiglass barriers have been installed to increase separation between spaces.

Departments should encourage their personnel to be extra vigilant about unauthorized people in buildings as well as building issues (leaks, alarms, electrical issues) given the expected reduced occupancy. 

Useful Links Regarding Facilities

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