Alyssa Morris, Guest Artist Oboe Recital

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 5:30pm
Recital Hall, Voxman Music Building

Alyssa Morris, oboe
Amanda Arrington, piano



Where Do Children Come From? (2013)                                           Alyssa MORRIS (b. 1984)
     The Circus
     Outer Space
     A Higher Place

Collision Etudes (2017)
     “Summertime” - Mary Cassatt
     “City Landscape” - Joan Mitchell
     “Jimson Weed” - Georgia O’Keeffe “Rainbow” - Alma Thomas
     “Autumn Leaves” - Georgia O’Keeffe
     “My World is Not Flat” - Margarete Bagshaw


Dreamscape (2014)
     Falling Asleep and Chase
     Nightmare and Awakening