3D Design Graduate Group Show, School of Art and Art History

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 8:00am to Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 8:00pm
design installation
Drewelowe Gallery, Visual Arts Building

The 3D Design program in the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History invites you to a sneak peek of its entry to the upcoming SOFA CONNECT show in Chicago, a highly prestigious design-school competition.

SOFA CONNECT is part of SOFA (Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art and Design), one of the world's premier design expos, which runs from October 31-November 3 at Navy Pier in Chicago. The UI program has been invited to—and won—the competition of design programs multiple times.

For its entry, the UI 3D Design team is collaborating with the Department of Theatre Arts to create an immersive experience through color, light, materials, and shapes.

As we were looking at nature's architects, we were piqued by a bird’s ability to utilize and repurpose materials found in nature to weave temporal nests. We found that in creating a temporary environment for the SOFA CONNECT exhibition, we were sharing the same purpose with a bird creating its nest. We were inspired to weave abstracted nests for our audience to feel immersed in.

The technique of weaving has long been used throughout the history of design, furniture, and fashion. Our space aspires to highlight the history and importance of weaving in the development of design and its significance in nature. An architectural structure houses our seating and lighting, providing a framework that acts as a loom for an array of woven elements extending from the seats to the frame. The audience inside will be sheltered from the ambient noise while being immersed in a dynamic environment. Lighting projected from the floor and from above will illuminate the weavings creating a pattern of shadows. Additionally, light fixtures fabricated by students will be displayed throughout the space. Seats built with a variation in heights, sizes, and locations provides attendees different perspectives of our space.

Professor Monica Correia, Head of 3D Design
Professor Bryon Winn, Director of Theatre

Huda Al-Aithan, MFA 3D Design
Courtney Gaston, MFA Theatre Arts, Design
James Tran, MA 3D Design
Yiran Li, MA 3D Design
Jixuan Zhu, MA 3D Design
Ninglu Zhang, MA 3D Design
Kaileigh Funaro, BFA 3D Design
Lingyi Liu, BFA 3D Design
Yucheng Guo, BFA 3D Design