Guidelines for Students Regarding ESPA/ELPT Tests and TAPE Classes

  • Come to 1112 University Capitol Centre on the day that ESPA results are available to check whether or not you passed the test.  You will receive written information at the ESPA test telling you when results will be available.  The English Language Performance Test (ELPT) is given on the day after you receive your results.  If you have passed the ESPA test but don’t come in on the stated day to check your results, you will miss the ELPT test and have to wait until the next test date.
  • If you pass the ESPA test, sign up immediately for the ELPT.  If it is important to you to take the ELPT at a certain time of day, come as early as possible to check your results so that more time slots will be available.
  • If you do not pass the ESPA test, sign up as soon as possible for a TAPE class.  If you wait to do so, the classes will probably be full.
  • If you are taking the ESPA test because you are currently in a TAPE class, it is highly recommended that you sign up for a class for the next semester as soon as registration begins.  If you wait until you get the results of your ESPA test, it is likely that the classes will be full.  
  • If classes are full, you should put your name on the waiting list, and as spaces become available (due to drops or no-shows), students from the waiting list will be offered a place in classes.  If we are unable to find a space for you in a class and you took the ESPA for the first time, you will be allowed to take the ESPA test again at the end of the semester.  However, you must have made an effort to sign up for a class in a timely manner.  If you do not come in to try to enroll in a class until several days after registration starts, the waiting list rule will not apply.
  • If you choose not to take a TAPE class, you will not be allowed to retake the ESPA test until you have taken a TAPE class or until one year has passed since your last test.  The one-year rule can only be applied once.  If you take the test again after waiting one year and do not pass, you must take a TAPE class before you can be tested again.
  • If you have been given permission to register by the ESL Programs Office, which indicates that a spot is reserved for you in a TAPE class, please note that this reservation is only held until two weeks before classes start.  If you have not registered by that date, your permission to register will be revoked and the space will be given to another student.
  • In most cases, students who have not passed the ESPA test will be required to take the Pronunciation, Fluency Building and Culture and/or Pronunciation class.  Students who have passed the ESPA and received a certification level of C or above on the ELPT (able to assist in a lab situation with immediate supervision) are usually eligible to take the Presentations course.  Due to limited space, students are allowed to take only one TAPE class per semester.
  • Students who have taken the ELPT and received a certification level of A or B, who are teaching for the first time and whose teaching responsibilities include conducting a discussion section or taking full responsibility for a lecture class are required to register for the TAPE Orientation.  Students who have received a certification level of C and have classroom teaching responsibilities in a lab or a foreign language class are required to register for the TAPE Orientation. The Orientation consists of two 2-hour sessions and should be taken the first semester that you teach.  If you do not have teaching responsibilities, you should wait to take the Orientation.