Foundation Courses

All students in the Major must complete courses in the Science and Mathematics Foundation and the Environmental Sciences Foundation.

For help planning your courses, please contact your faculty advisor or the ES Program's undergraduate academic advisor, Hannah Whitcomb: 

Science and Mathematics Foundation

Students must complete at least 27 s.h. of course work in this area, including ALL of the following:

BIOL:1411 Foundations of Biology (Fall and Spring) 4 s.h.
BIOL:1412 Diversity of Form and Function (Fall and Spring) 4 s.h.
CHEM:1110 Principles of Chemistry I (Fall and Spring) 4 s.h.
CHEM:1120 Principles of Chemistry II (Fall and Spring) 4 s.h.
EES:1050 Introduction to Geology (Fall and Spring) 4 s.h.
MATH:1850 Calculus I (Fall and Spring) 4 s.h.

and ONE of these:

CHEM:2021 Fundamentals of Chemical Measurements1 (Fall and Spring)   3 s.h.
STAT:3510 Biostatistics (Fall and Spring) 3 s.h.

1  Required for Chemical Sciences Track; Statistics option for other tracks.

Environmental Sciences Foundation

Students must complete at least 16 s.h. of course work in this area, including ALL of the following:


Fundamentals of Environmental Science* (Fall only)
*In special circumstances, ENVS:1080 may be used as a substitute. Students should contact their academic advisor if they think they have a need to make this substitution.

4 s.h.
BIOL:2673 Ecology (Spring only) 3 s.h.
ENVS:2010 Interdisciplinary Environmental Seminar:Discovering Research, Exploring Careers, Building Connections (take sometime during FIRST 2 years of degree; Fall Only) 1 s.h.
ENVS:3010 Interdisciplinary Environmental Seminar: Presenting Research, Preparing for Careers, Strengthening Connections (take sometime during LAST 2 years of degree; the old seminar course; Spring only) 1 s.h.
ENVS:3020 Earth Surface Processes (Fall only) 3 s.h.
GEOG:1050 Foundations of GIS (Fall and Spring) 4 s.h.