Valerie Payré

Valerie Payré
Assistant Professor
(319) 467-1546
119 TH
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
Planetary evolution, Magmatic processes, Surface processes, Remote sensing, Rover, Experimental petrology, Thermodynamical modeling

     I am a planetary geologist, and my primary research interest is understanding the evolution of planetary bodies, with an emphasis on Mars, to better constrain the geological history of our own planet. My work crosses several disciplines including igneous petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy, and sedimentology to assess planetary surface and interior evolution and constrain magmatic processes on Mars and other planets. 

     I use various methods including measurements from the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers (ChemCam, SuperCam, APXS, PIXL, and CheMin) and orbital data (CRISM visible/near infrared spectroscopy and TES and THEMIS thermal infrared spectroscopy), modeling, experimental petrology, and laboratory measurements.  

Payré, V., Siebach, K. L., Thorpe, M. T., Antoshechkina, P., and Rampe, E. B. Tridymite in a lacustrine mudstone in Gale crater, Mars: Evidence of an explosive silicic eruption during the Hesperian, EPSL 594, 117694. 

 Lagain, A., Bouley, S., Zanda, B., Miljković, K., Rajšić, A., Baratoux, D., Payré, V., Doucet, L. S., Timms, N. E., Hewins, R., Benedix, G. K., Malarewic, V., Servis, K., and Bland, P. A. Early crustal processes revealed by the ejection site of the martian regolith breccia NWA 7034, Nature Communication 13, 3782.  

Payré, V., and Dasgupta, R. Effects of phosphorus on partial melting of the martian mantle and compositions of the martian crust, GCA 327, 229-246.  

Sautter, V. and Payré, V. Alkali magmatism on Mars: an unexpected diversity. (2021) Special Issue: Alkaline Magmas, Compte-rendus – Geosciences, Académie des Sciences, pp. 1-30.