Stephan Oborny

Stephan Oborny
Ph.D. Candidate
135A TH
Curriculum Vitae: 

Deep-time Earth history, stable isotope geochemistry, conodont biostratigraphy, cyclothems, sequence stratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, Silurian and Carboniferous stratigraphy, subsurface geophysical data, and stratigraphic nomenclature. I essentially utilize an array of information to temporally constrain and correlate rocks of the same age by looking at major physical, biotic, and chemical events that have occurred throughout the history of our planet.

My previous research (M.S. University of Iowa) involved subsurface mapping of Pennsylvanian aged strata in and around metropolitan Kansas City, Kansas. Using conodont biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, geophysical well-log data, and the analyses of 33 drill core I effectively recalibrated units in the Zarah Subgroup (upper Pennsylvanian), of the Missourian Stage. The findings from this research improved our understanding of midcontinent depositional history and have highlighted the need for revision to the stratigraphic nomenclature of eastern Kansas.

My current research (Ph.D. University of Iowa) involves extending Neogene-Scale resolution (i.e. <100 kyr) into the Paleozoic with a primary focus upon late Silurian strata from the Appalachian and Michigan basins. Currently, this research involves the integration of stable isotope chemostratigraphy, analyses of drill core, conodont biostratigraphy, subsurface geophysical data, and sequence stratigraphy.