Robert Carmichael

Robert Carmichael
Professor Emeritus
(319) 335-1818
115 TH
Research Interests: 

Geophysical exploration for oil and gas, mineral deposits, and other resources, solid-earth and environmental geophysics, gravity, magnetics, and seismology, rock magnetism, engineering geophysics.

Publications: Carmichael, Robert. book Physical Properties of Rocks
and Minerals, 756 pages, editor and author, CRC Press & Taylor and
Francis Publ./Florida (2019), reissued (hardcover and Kindle)

Carmichael, Robert. book Notable Natural Disasters, 2nd edition,
3 vols., 1200 pages, co-editor and author, Salem Press & GreyHouse
Publ. (2017)

Carmichael, Robert. Use of satellite magnetic surveys to interpret
deep crustal structure, cratonic paleomargins, and associated
metallogenic province in the central U.S., Global Tecton. & Metall.,
v. 5, p. 31 (1995)