Raymond Anderson

Raymond Anderson
Adjunct Assistant Professor
(319) 335-1818
115 TH
Research Interests: 
Precambrian Midcontinent Impacts

Precambrian geology of the Midcontinent, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic history and geology of Iowa, Jurassic evaporates and related deposits in Iowa, impact studies and the Manson Impact Structure

B. Witzke and R.R. Anderson, 2009, Bedrock Geologic Map of Iowa.  Iowa Geological Survey, Iowa City.

Anderson, R.R., 2006, Geology of the Precambrian Surface of Iowa and surrounding area,  Iowa Geological Survey digital map OFM-06-7, Iowa City, Iowa.

C. Koeberl and R.R. Anderson (eds.), 1996, The Manson Impact Structure: Anatomy of an Impact Crater. GSA Special Paper 302, 468 p.