Matthew Wortel

Matt Wortel on the Yellow River.
Thin Section Technician
M.S. Geoscience, University of Iowa 2007
B.S. Geoscience, University of Iowa 2003
(319) 335-3992
B13 TH
Office Hours: 
9:00am - 6:00pm Mon - Fri, Closed lunch
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
Petrography, Igneous Geochemistry

Carve away the stone… It rained a lot the summer of 1993, flooding much of eastern Iowa. I washed into Iowa City that year, moving into my first “waterfront” apartment on badly-flooded Dubuque St. After several years of working, traveling, and generally enjoying life, I joined the University of Iowa as a student of geoscience. Midway through my undergraduate degree, I was offered my first job as a student geologist: hand-picking unaltered glass shards from finely-ground rock samples. Not exactly Indiana Jones, but the real surprise was how much I enjoyed the lab work. Nearly fourteen years and two degrees later and my love of geoscience lab work has grown into a full-time career. When I’m not around the lab, I enjoy hiking the Iowa countryside, camping, canoeing, photography, astrophotography, music, computers, RC cars, carpentry, demolition…

Selected Images: 
Me at a quarry near the Yellow River
Sue the Tyrannosaurus rex at the Field Museum
Totem poles at the Field Museum
Aztec figurine on display at the Field Museum
The research vessel Yokosuka shot from a zodiac boat