Ingrid Ukstins

Ingrid Ukstins Peate
Adjunct Associate Professor
(319) 335-1818
115 TH
Research Interests: 
Volcanology, Igneous Petrology, Planetary Geology

My research involves utilizinging a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding explosive volcanic systems - magma petrogenesis, eruption and emplacement mechanisms of both mafic and silicic pyroclastic deposits, and the holistic interpretation of volcanic stratigraphic sequences containing effusive, explosive and reworked volcanic material.

I am also involved in planetary geology projects: (i) the application of remotely operated vehicles (rovers) for studying the geology of other planets, and specifically in evaluating the efficacy of geologic interpretation based on rover-collected data; and (ii) utilizing Earth-based analogues to understand planetary processes, such as mechanisms of formation for Martian 'blueberries' or the environmental conditions on early Mars and the potential for life.

Details of some current research projects can be found on my Research page.  If you are interested in doing a research project with me in any area of volcanology or planetary geology, feel free to send me an e-mail to discuss possibilities.