George McCormick

George McCormick
Professor Emeritus
(319) 335-1818
115 TH
Research Interests: 

Carbonatites and Plate Tectonics of the Indian Ocean Region, mineral chemistry of carbonitites and micas.

Wazir Khan, George R. McCormick,  Mark K. Reagan; Parh Group basalts of northeastern Balochistan, Pakistan: Precursors to the Deccan Traps, Geological Society of America Special Papers 1999, 328, p. 59-74, doi:10.1130/0-8137-2328-0.59

McCormick, George R., Petrology of Precambrian rocks of Ohio. Columbus, Ohio : Department of Natural Resources, 1961.

Heathcote, R.C., McCormick, G.R., Major-cation substitution in phlogopite and evolution of carbonatites in the Potash Sulphur Springs complex, Garland Countyo Arkansas; American Mineralogist, Volume 74, pages 132-140, 1989.