C. Tom Foster

C. Thomas Foster
Professor and DEO
(319) 335-1820
115 TH
Research Interests: 
Metamorphic Petrology

High temperature reaction kinetics and material transport, metamorphic petrology, Colorado Proterozoic tectonics, metamorphosed ore deposits, fossil shape analysis, modeling geological processes.

Müller, T., Baumgartner, L.P.,Foster, C.T.,  Bowman, J.R. (2009) Crystal size distribution (CSD) of periclase in contact metamorphic dolomite marbles from the southern Adamello Massif, Italy.  Journal of Petrology, v.50, p. 451-465.

Muller, T, Baumgartment, L., Foster, C.T., Roselle, G. (2008)  Forward modeling of the effects of mixed volatile reaction, volume diffusion and formation of submicroscopic exsolution lamellae on calcite-dolomite thermometry. American Mineralogist , v.93, p. 1245-1259.

Dutrow, B. L., Foster, C.T., and Whittington, J. (2008) Prograde muscovite-rich pseudomorphs as indicators of conditions during metamorphism: An example from NW Maine,. American Mineralogist. v. 93, p. 300-314.