C. Tom Foster

C. Thomas Foster
(319) 335-1801
239 TH
Research Interests: 
Metamorphic Petrology

High temperature reaction kinetics and material transport, metamorphic petrology, Colorado Proterozoic tectonics, metamorphosed ore deposits, fossil shape analysis, modeling geological processes.


Cao, W., Gilotti, J. A., Massonne, H.-J., Ferrando, S., Foster, Charles T., Jr. (2019). Partial melting due to breakdown of an epidote-group mineral during exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure eclogite: An example from the North-East Greenland Caledonides. JOURNAL OF METAMORPHIC GEOLOGY, 37(1), 15-39. 

Reagan, M. K., Heywood, L., Goff, K., Michibayashi, K., Foster, C. T., Jicha, B., Lapen, T., McClelland, W. C., Ohara, Y., Righter, M., Scott, S., Sims, K. W.W. (2018). Geodynamic implications of crustal lithologies from the southeast Mariana fore-arc. Geosphere, 14(1), 1-22. 

Müller, T., Baumgartner, L.P.,Foster, C.T.,  Bowman, J.R. (2009) Crystal size distribution (CSD) of periclase in contact metamorphic dolomite marbles from the southern Adamello Massif, Italy.  Journal of Petrology, v.50, p. 451-465.

Muller, T, Baumgartment, L., Foster, C.T., Roselle, G. (2008)  Forward modeling of the effects of mixed volatile reaction, volume diffusion and formation of submicroscopic exsolution lamellae on calcite-dolomite thermometry. American Mineralogist , v.93, p. 1245-1259.

Dutrow, B. L., Foster, C.T., and Whittington, J. (2008) Prograde muscovite-rich pseudomorphs as indicators of conditions during metamorphism: An example from NW Maine,. American Mineralogist. v. 93, p. 300-314.