AAPG Student Chapter


AAPG Logo"The purpose of The University of Iowa AAPG Student Chapter is to promote all aspects of the study of the geosciences, especially as it relates to petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources; to promote the technology of exploring for, finding, and producing these materials; to disseminate information relating to geology; to foster the spirit of scientific research; to maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of the members; and to advance the professional well-being of its members. We accomplish this through the cooperation of undergraduate and graduate students in organizing and participating in education, leadership, and outreach events."

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Name Phone Email Position

Justin Rosenblume

Ph.D. Candidate

  justin-rosenblume@uiowa.edu President

Cole Gardner

M.S. Candidate

  cole-gardner@uiowa.edu Vice President

Ben Howard

M.S. Candidate

  benjamin-howard@uiowa.edu Secretary

Dustin Northrup

Ph.D Candidate

  dustin-northrup@uiowa.edu Treasurer

Sam Hudziak

M.S. Candidate


Event Coordinator

Matt Braun

Ph.D. Candidate

  matthew-g-braun@uiowa.edu Procurement

Emma Kroeger

M.S. Candidate

  emma-kroeger@uiowa.edu Outreach

Jane Gilotti

(319) 335-1097 jane-gilotti@uiowa.edu Faculty Advisor

AAPG 2019
Fall 2019 Field Trip to Baraboo, Wisconsin – Van Hise Rock