Faculty Awards

Jonathan Adrain

  • Pikaia Award, Geological Association of Canada, Paleontology Division, 2004
  • Dean’s Scholar, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2004

E. Arthur Bettis

  • Rip Rap Archaeological Geology Award, Geological Society of America 2008
  • Fellow, Geological Society of America, 2000
  • Frank Riecken Soil Science Award, Agronomy Department, Iowa State University, 1978

Christopher Brochu

  • Dean’s Scholar, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Iowa, 2006
  • Collegiate Teaching Award, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Iowa, 2005
  • Romer Prize, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, 1996
  • Stoye Award in General Herpetology, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, 1996

Ann Budd

  • SEPM Moore Medal for Excellence in Paleontology, 2015
  • Paleontological Society Fellow, 2006
  • PALAIOS Outstanding Journal Paper of the Year, Honorable Mention [“Comparison of Caribbean coral reef communities before and after Plio-Pleistocene faunal turnover: Analyses of two Dominican Republic reef sequences” by J.S. Klaus and A.F. Budd], 2004
  • PALAIOS Outstanding Journal Paper of the Year, Honorable Mention [“Stepwise faunal change during evolutionary turnover: a case study from the Neogene of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles” by A.F. Budd, R.A. Petersen, and D.F.McNeill], 1998
  • Gilbert Harris Award for Excellence in Systematic Paleontology (Paleontological Research Institution), 1998

Jeffrey Dorale

  • DISCCRS (Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research) Award, American Geophysical Union, (2003)

Jane Gilotti

  • Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer, 2006-2007
  • University of Iowa Career Development Award, 2006-2007

David Peate

  • Dean’s Scholar, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Iowa, 2009
  • Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa – Scholar, Fall, 2007

Ingrid Ukstins Peate

  • Mary Lyon Award, Mount Holyoke College, 2009
  • Young Author of the Year Award, Geological Society of London, 2003
  • Postgraduate Prize, Royal Holloway University of London, 2001

Mark Reagan

  • Faculty Scholar Award, University of Iowa, Spring 2006-Spring, 2008

Hallie Sims

  • Chronicle of Higher Education “Rising Stars of Academe”, 2004

You-Kuan Zhang

  • Elected GSA Fellow in 2005
  • Appointed as a Member of the White Paper Committee for China’s Groundwater Research by Chinese National Science Foundation in 2005
  • Invited by the editor of the Journal “Stochastic Environmental Research and RiskAssessment” to organize a forum on The State of Stochastic Hydrologyin 2003
  • Elected President of International Professionals for Advancement of Chinese Earth Sciences
  • (IPACES) in 2003
  • Invited researcher by DISTART-Idraulica, Universita di Bologna, Bologna, Italy throughthe CNR Short Term Mobility Program for Italian and Foreign Research Institution, Sept-Oct., 1997 and 2001