Undergraduate Major in Portuguese


Courses Offered on a Rotating Basis

PORT:1800 (038:020) -- Contemporary Brazilian Narrative
PORT:2700 (038:070) -- Introduction to Latin American Studies [Under the new system it has a 2000 number and can count for the major]
PORT:2800 (038:115) -- Writing Brazil in the U.S.
PORT:3010 (038:100) -- Accelerated Elementary Portuguese
PORT:3020 (038:101) -- Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese
PORT:3050 (038:102) -- Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
PORT:3100 (038:103) -- Composition and Conversation
PORT:3130 (038:108) -- Business Portuguese
PORT:3150 (038:119) -- Topics in Portuguese Language
PORT:3200 (038:104) -- Introduction to Literary Analysis
PORT:3350 (038:105) -- Brazilian Literature Before 1900
PORT:3400 (038:106) -- Brazilian Literature After 1900
PORT:3500 (038:107) -- Introduction to Portuguese Literature
PORT:3800 (038:110) -- Mapping Portuguese Cultures: Portugal and Africa
PORT:4000 (038:112) -- Topics in Luso-Brazilian Literature
PORT:4100 (038:120) -- Topics in Luso-Brazilian Culture
PORT:4700 (038:176) -- Latin American Studies Seminar
PORT:4998 (038:179) -- Special Work (for majors only)
PORT:4999 (038:198) -- Honors Research and Thesis
PORT:6998 (038:279) -- Special Work (for graduate students only)

Undergraduate Major in Portuguese

The Portuguese major program provides students with the opportunity to continue developing their Portuguese language skills while also studying the literature and culture of Portugal and Brazil as well as Portuguese linguistics. Students majoring in Portuguese may go on to graduate study in areas such as Luso-Brazilian literature, Comparative Literature, Latin American Studies or Linguistics.  They may also combine their Portuguese studies with other areas to prepare for career opportunities in international business, government, travel or communications, where knowledge of a foreign language and of foreign cultures is essential. A Portuguese major is a good complement to a major in another foreign language or to certicate programs such as the International Business Certificate and the Latin American Studies Certificate, among others.

Some additional information about the major:

  • Number of semester hours: The major in Portuguese requires a total of 30 semester hours, 15 of them in specific “required” courses and 15 in “electives”.  (All courses are 3 s.h.)
  • Prerequisite: All major-level courses require that the student have completed the equivalent of second-year college level study of Portuguese (PORT:3020 or PORT:3050)
  • Cannot count for your major or minor: PORT:1800 (38:020):Contemporary Brazilian narrative
  • Cannot count for your minor: Two related courses (elective courses -- 6 s.h. of the 15 s.h.) in related areas which focus on Luso-Brazilian topics such as anthropology, history, linguistics)
  • Topics Courses: To ensure a variety of courses taught, there are three different types of Topics course (language, literature, and culture). Because the contexts vary (different topics) a student can repeat each one of these courses up to three times when topics vary (3 in literature, 3 in cultural studies, 3 in language). Examples of Topics courses offered (in Portuguese) in recent years:
    • Topics in Culture: Subtitle: The Luso-American Experience
    • Topics in Culture: Subtitle: Contemporary Brazilian Society
    • Topics in Culture: Subtitle: Crossing Cultural Borders: Africa, Brazil, Portugal
    • Topics in Culture: Subtitle: Expressive Cultures of Brazil
    • Topics in Language: Subtitle: Speaking
    • Topics in Language: Subtitle: Brazilian Short Stories

Courses for the Major

Required (15 s.h.)

PORT:3100 (38:103) -- Composition and Conversation             3 s.h.
PORT:3350 (38:105) -- Brazilian Literature Before 1900            3 s.h.
PORT:3400 (38:106) -- Brazilian Literature After 1900              3 s.h.
PORT:3500 (38:107) -- Introduction to Portuguese Literature    3 s.h.
PORT:4100 (38:120) -- Topics in Luso-Brazilian Culture           3 s.h.

Elective (15 s.h.)

Select from the list of courses offered.

Minor in Portuguese

Portuguese courses numbered above 38:101 or 38:102 offered by the Portuguese Program.  A minor in Portuguese requires 15 semester hours of course work in Portuguese, 12 s.h. of which must be taken at the University of Iowa in courses numbered above 38:101/38:102; this would include all the courses for the Portuguese major.  A maximum of 3 semester hours may be transfer credit and/or coursework taken in Portuguese at the University of Iowa below 38:103. For example, 3 of the 5 semester hours awarded for 38:101 may be applied toward the minor. All students who are planning to complete a minor in Portuguese are strongly encouraged to consult with faculty advisors in Portuguese.

Honors in Portuguese

Admission to the honors program in Portuguese requires a g.p.a. of at least 3.33 overall and 3.5 in Portuguese.  Graduation with honors in Portuguese requires 3 s.h. in PORT:4999 Honors: Research and Thesis, plus another 3 s.h. course chosen in consultation with the departmental honors adviser.  These 6 s.h. count toward the total 30 s.h. required for the Portuguese major.  Students must write a thesis and present it orally to a committee consisting of three faculty members.

Additional Information: SPANISH

a) If you are majoring in Spanish, two of your courses in Portuguese can count for your Spanish major (total of 6 credits), including 3 credits from PORT:3020 (Intermediate Portuguese).

b) Funding Opportunity

c) The Portuguese Program has been given a small award to allow students to buy imported books in Portuguese.

d) Description
The Atlantico Books Scholarship (ABS) invites applications from graduate and undergraduate students for a one-time $200 scholarship to buy imported books in Portuguese for coursework. This scholarship will be offered yearly and it seeks to help defray the costs of textbooks and contribute to heighten the student’s interest in the Portuguese language, and the culture and literature of the Portuguese-speaking countries.