Mercedes Niño-Murcia

M Nino-Murcia
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Mercedes Niño-Murcia is a Professor in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of Iowa. She is a sociolinguist whose current work is seeking to integrate theories of language and social practice in the analysis of vernacular literacy.


Escritura y sociedad

Escritura y Sociedad: Nuevas perspectivas teóricas y etnográficas. (2004). V. Zavala, M. Niño-Murcia and P. Ames, eds. Lima: Red para el Desarrollo de las Ciencias Sociales en el Perú.

The emphasis on the written text as a medium of social involvement suggests a new way of understanding writing in relation to people, language and literacy. The articles compiled in this book contribute to the critical analysis of literacy in Latin America where an interdisciplinary dialogue is emerging regarding the social meanings attached to writing.



Bilingualism and Identity: Spanish at the Crossroads with other Languages, (co-edited with Jason Rothman). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

This collection of articles presents new research on language identity and bilingualism in three regions where Spanish coexists with other languages. The cases are Spanish-English contact in the United States, Spanish-indigenous language contact in Latin America, and Spanish-regional language contact in Spain. The sociolinguistic standing of Spanish varies among the three regions depending whether or not it is a language of prestige.