Luis Muñoz

Luis Munoz
Associate Professor and Honors Advisor
420 PH
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T 12:00-3:00

Luis Muñoz was born in Granada, Spain. He has a degree in Spanish Philology and also in Romanic Philology. He was the director of the Aula de Literatura (“Classroom of Literature”) of the University of Granada (1992- 2000) and editor of the poetry magazine Hélice (1992-2002).

He is the editor of the book El lugar de la poesía (The Place of Poetry) (1994) and he has translated, among others, the book El cuaderno del Viejo (The Notebook of the Oldman) by Giuseppe Ungaretti. In 2008 he was the curator of the exhibition “Gallo. Interior de una revista”  (“Gallo. Interior of a magazine”) about the magazine promoted by Federico García Lorca in 1928.

He has published five collections of poetry, Septiembre (1991), Manzanas amarillas (1995), El apetito (1998), Correspondencias (2001), which won the Generación del 27 and Ojo Crítico awards, and Querido silencio (2006). His poetic work up to 2005 is also gathered in the book Limpiar pescado. Poesía reunida 1991-2005 (2005).