Raychel Vasseur

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Instructional Services Specialist
116A PH
Office Hours: 
Please call, email, or stop by to schedule an appointment

Raychel [she/her/hers] is an instructional services specialist at the Language Media Center at the University of Iowa. She is also a doctoral candidate in the University of Iowa's Second Language Acquisition program. Her specialization areas and research interests include language acquisition in the study abroad context, willingness to communicate, technology in language teaching and learning, program evaluation, and the development and assessment of second language speaking skills.

Raychel provides instructional support for the LMC in the following areas: 

  • ICON support specialist: Provides support on ICON course site creation, import/export/copy components, managing pages, creating quizzes, dropbox folders, Gradebooks and other features. Provides training through workshops and individual appointments. 
  • Digital Audio Language Laboratory: Manages reservations, scheduling and training for the LMC’s 2 digital audio labs (in 17 PH and 120 PH). She also consults on use of the lab for teaching and research activity planning and data collection. She is also available to give tours and presentations on uses of the lab for courses in language teaching methodologies and SLA.
  • Digital Media conversion, capture and editing: Digitizes old forms of media, and captures and edits video in the form of small clips used for teaching purposes. Edits lecture videos and teaching videos to export to the web, ICON, or hard files.
  • Provides consultations in technology for teaching and research: Consults with faculty and graduate students on using technology for teaching and research. 
  • LMC student monitor supervision: Click here to learn more about our student monitor position or to check if we are currently hiring.
  • DWLLC TILE consultant: certified in teaching in the TILE rooms and provides consultations about the pedagogy and technology of the room as well as guidance and disseminating information about trainings.
  • ITC, small group room, and equipment reservations.
  • Skype, Zoom, and other videoconferencing training and set up.
  • LMC website and social media.