Language for Nonmajors

The department offers a number of opportunities for students who wish to study German. Students who have had experience with the language should take the Foreign Language Placement Test in German online, offered by Evaluation and Examination Service. The test helps determine the level at which a student should begin German language study at The University of Iowa.

Students with no background in German should begin their study with GRMN:1001 (013:011) Elementary German I.

Students who wish to use German to complete the foreign language component of the General Education Program can choose from a number of course sequences. All of the following satisfy the requirement. Students are encouraged to talk with departmental advisors about the varied sequences.

013:013, 013:021, 013:022 
013:011, 013:012, 013:021, 013:022 
013:014, 013:021, 013:022 
013:011, 013:012, 013:025 
013:013, 013:025 
013:014, 013:025