Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in German requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including at least 30 s.h. of work for the major. Students who plan to complete the undergraduate teaching major in German in conjunction with the College of Education are encouraged to choose the comprehensive track; see "Teaching Licensure in German" below.

Students must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Program.

Students who begin a German major with no previous German language experience must complete the following course sequences or their equivalents (the basic program).

GRMN:1001  (013:011)  Elementary German I  4 s.h.

GRMN:1002  (013:012)  Elementary German II  4 s.h.

GRMN:2001  (013:021)  Intermediate German I  4 s.h.

GRMN:2002  (013:022)  Intermediate German II  4 s.h.

This requirement also may be satisfied by various combinations of GRMN:1010 (013:014) First-Year German Review, GRMN:1020 (013:013) Intensive Elementary German, and GRMN:2020 (013:025) Intensive Intermediate German. However, these courses do not count toward the 30 s.h. of upper-level coursework for the major in German.

The required 30 s.h. for the major must include the following upper-level German courses taken at The University of Iowa. Students may count a maximum of two Department of German courses taught in English (prefix 13E in the older course numbering system) toward the requirements for the major if they enroll in the course for 4 s.h. and complete an additional research component as required by the instructor.  Please note that GRMN:3501 (013:101) Introduction to German Literature is prerequisite for most other German literature courses.

All of the following courses:

GRMN:3501  (013:101)  Introduction to German Literature 3 s.h.

GRMN:3103  (013:103)  Composition and Conversation I  3 s.h.

GRMN:3104  (013:104)  Composition and Conversation II  3 s.h.

GRMN:4850  (013:185)  Senior Seminar  3 s.h.

One of the following linguistics courses:

GRMN:3855  (013:122)  The Sounds of German  3 s.h.

GRMN:3865  (013:165)  History of the German Language  3 s.h.

One of the following culture courses:

GRMN:3405  (013:105)  German Cultural History 3 s.h.

GRMN:4315  (013:115)  Contemporary German Civilization 3 s.h.

Four electives offered by the Department of German numbered GRMN:3000 and above 12 s.h.

German majors, both graduate and undergraduate, are urged to supplement their degree programs with relevant courses in areas such as German history, philosophy, and business. Students who have taken upper-level course work at other institutions should consult the Department of German director of undergraduate studies to determine how much work remains for completion of the major.