Department Chair

  • Director of Division of World Languages, Interim DEO of French and Italian Department, Interim DEO of German Department
    Phone: 319-335-2923
    Office: 111-A PH


Name E-mail Phone Office Hours

Cinzia Blum

Professor 319-335-2268 551 PH 11:30-12:30 M W F, and by appointment

Deborah Contrada

Associate Professor, Dir. of Undergrad Italian Studies 319-335-2257 510 PH Email

Anny Dominique Curtius

Associate Professor of Francophone Studies; Director of the Working Group 'Circulating Cultures' at the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies 319-335-2261 555 PH 4:30-6:00 T Th, and by appointment

Roxanna Curto

Assistant Professor 319-335-2274 573 PH 1:45-3:15 M W

Emilie Destruel Johnson

Assistant Professor of French 319-335-2265 514 PH 10:00-1:00 T

Dénes Gazsi

Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures 319-335-2279 520 PH 2:00-3:00 M, 1:00-3:00 W, and by appointment

Blandina Giblin

Lecturer of Swahili 319-335-2203 569 PH 9:30-10:20 M W, 11:30-12:20 Th

Wendelin Guentner

Professor 319-335-2259 557 PH

David V. Hagan

Visiting Assistant Professor of French 319-335-2273 522 PH

Geoffrey R. Hope

Professor 319-335-2258 565 PH

Jack Johnson

Lecturer of French 319-335-2266 559 PH

Michel S. Laronde

Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Honors Program, and Study Abroad 319-335-2264 563 PH 11:00-12:30 T Th, and by appointment

Katja Liimatta

Lecturer of Italian 319-335-2267 469 PH 10:30 11:30 M W F , and by appointment

Irene Lottini

Lecturer of Italian 319-353-2213 509 PH 12:30-1:20 M T Th, 2:30-3:00 W, and by appointment

Beatrice Mkenda

Lecturer of Swahili 319-353-2224 570 PH 10:30-11:30 M T W, and by appointment

Roland Racevskis

Professor, Director of Graduate Studies 319-335-2252 571 PH 9:30-10:30 m W F, and by appointment

Yasmine Ramadan

Assistant Professor of Arabic 319-335-2247 518 PH 1:00-2:30 T Th , and by appointment

Claudia Sartini-Rideout

Lecturer of Italian 319-353-2212 507 PH 11:30-12:30 M T W, and by appointment

Rosemarie Scullion

Associate Professor 319-335-2262 467 PH 10:15-12:15 M, 2:15-3:15 W, and by appointment

Arne Seim

Lecturer of Italian 319-353-2213 509 PH 2:30-4:30 T, 2:00-3:00 W, and by appointment

Downing A. Thomas

Associate Provost and Dean, International Programs Professor 335-0373 1111-C UCC

Steven Ungar

Professor 319-335-1452 W225 AJB 1:00-3:30 T, 1:30-2:30 W, and by appointment