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French & Italian Course offerings
Course Number  Course Title
FREN:1005 (009:005) Text & Contexts: French Speaking World
FREN:1510 (009:030) Cultural Misunderstandings: France & USA
FREN:3300 (009:112) French Grammar
FREN:3410 (009:115) Business French
FREN:4050 (009:192) French Classical Literature
FREN:5001 (009:208) Introduction to Graduate Study in French
ITAL:1101 (018:001) Elementary Italian I
ITAL:1102 (018:002) Elementary Italian II
ITAL:2203 (018:011) Intermediate Italian I
ITAL:2204 (018:012) Intermediate Italian II
ITAL:4667 (018:105) Modern Italian Fiction
ITAL:4668 (018:106) Modern Italian Poetry and Drama
ITAL:3305 (018:111) Advanced Italian
ITAL:3306 (018:112) Advanced Italian
ITAL:4350 (018:114) Topics in Italian Language
ITAL:4633 (018:119) Medieval Italian Literature
ITAL:4634 (018:120) Medieval and Renaissance Italian Lit
ITAL:3550 (018:132) Images of Modern Italy