Japanese garden

The following sites outside The University of Iowa are useful to students of Japanese language and culture:

Jim Breen's Japanese Page (EDICT Project)
Ken Lunde's Home Page (Author of " Understanding Japanese Information Processing")
University of Washington: Guide to Japanese Computing
St Cloud State University: Gateway to Japan
Purdue University: Japanese Projects (Japanese e-mail and Japanese instructional software projects)
Accessing Japanese Character Text on the Internet (Various links to Japanese mutimedia, text processing, e-mails, etc.)

Japanese Studies
Japanese language courses taught via TV
Japanese language information files
Kenkyusha online dictionary
Nihongo Forum: Webchat place in Japanese
MIT Japanese Mateirals
University of Texas at Austin: Japanese Language Home Page
Japanese Language & Culture (at OU CALL)
The Oregon State System of Higher Education Japanese Language Project

Japanese Studies
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Education, & Culture Exchange infomation
The Japan-United States Educational Commission (Fulbright program)
University of Texas at Austin: Japan home page
Japanese information sites for Japanese/Japan studies students
Teaching and learning about Japan
Japanese Studies resources
Council on East Asian Libraries
Japanese Classical Literature on the World Wide Web
Syllabus for Japanese Influence on Western Art and Literature
IEN Literature Review–Japan
Japanese Text Initiative

Japanese Media
Nikkei-X (weekly newspaper)
Nikkei Net (English)
Newspapers, TV & Radio Stations
A Guide to Japan's Journalism

Japanese information sites for Japanese/Japan studies students
The Japan Web Guide (over 500 Japan related links)
The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go (what to do before going to Japan)
Japanese Manners & Etiquette
Japan National Tourist Organization
NTT's Japanese Information
NTT's WWW servers in Japan
Japan-related web links
Japan-related jobs
Web Kanzaki (a cultural page with Japanese and English links)
Tokyo On the Cheap
Keiko Schneider's Bookmark