Japanese track, Asian Languages & Literature major

PLEASE NOTE: Major requirements change from time to time, and differ from student to student depending on when students declared the major.  Only the most recent requirements are posted here, and only as a general guideline.  Students should use only their own individual degree audits via the Office of the Registrar to track their progress toward a Japanese major or minor.


The Japanese major requires a total of 30 s.h.  Students must take 6 s.h. in third-year Japanese, 6 s.h. in fourth-year Japanese, and 18 s.h. as follows:
9 s.h. in Literature and Translation, 6 s.h. in Advanced Language Studies, and 3 s.h. in Cultural Studies.

A maximum of 12 s.h. in transfer credit may be applied to the track if approved first as appropriate to the track.  Students who study abroad should plan their study-abroad schedules with this requirement in mind since transfer credit is not necessarily accepted without review by the program.

The following courses are prerequisite to the major and the minor.  The hours earned from the prerequisite courses are not applied to the requirements of the major or the minor.

     JPNS:1101     First Year Japanese: First Semester (5 s.h.)
     JPNS:1103     First Year Japanese: Second Semester (5 s.h.)
     JPNS:3101     Second Year Japanese: First Semester (4-5 s.h.)
     JPNS:3102     Second Year Japanese: Second Semester (4-5 s.h.)

Third and Fourth Year Japanese (12 s.h.)
Both of the following courses are required.

     JPNS:3103, 3104     Third Year Japanese I-II (6 s.h.)
     JPNS:3105, 3106     Fourth Year Japanese I-II (6 s.h.)

Literature and Translation (9 s.h.)
Students select three courses (9 s.h.) from the following list:

     JPNS:3201     Workshop in Japanese Literary Translation (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3202     Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3203     Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3204     Topics in Japanese Literature in Translation (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3205     Major Authors in Modern Japanese Literature (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3206     Warriors' Dreams (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3207     Japan Illuminated: Lit & Visual Culture (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3208     Japanese Film (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3210     Japanese Theater (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3601     Contemporary Japanese Culture (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:4201     The Tale of Genji (3 s.h.)

Linguistics and Advanced Language Studies (6 s.h.)
Students must complete a minimum of 6 s.h. from these courses:

     JPNS:3107     Classical Japanese: First Semester (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3128     Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3401     Language in Japanese Society (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3402     Japan: Culture and Communications (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3501     Business Japanese II (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:4101, 4102     Fifth Year Japanese I-II (6 s.h.)   

Cultural Studies (3 s.h.)
Students must complete one course (3 s.h.) from the following:

Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures:
     JPNS:1506     Asian Humanities: Japan (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3135     Postmodern Aesthetics & Japanese Culture (3 s.h.)

     JPNS:2175     Japanese Society and Culture (3 s.h.)

Art History:
     JPNS:2250     Introduction to the Art of Japan (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:3260     Japanese Painting (3 s.h.)

     JPNS:4610     Japan - Age of the Samurai (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:4615     Modern Japan (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:4620     Japan-US Relations (3 s.h)

Religious Studies:
     JPNS:1115     Japanese Religions (3 s.h.)
     JPNS:2360     Japanese Religion & Thought (3 s.h.)

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures:
     JPNS:3700     Topics in Global Cinema (3 s.h.)


Students with a Japanese emphasis must complete 15 s.h. for the minor, including 12 s.h. in advanced courses taken at The University of Iowa.  All students earning the minor complete 6 s.h. in third-year Japanese and a total of 9 s.h. as follows: 3 s.h. in category Literature and Translation; 3 s.h. in the category Linguistics and Advanced Language Studies; and 3 s.h. selected from one of the following categories: Literature and Translation; Advanced Language Studies; or Cultural Studies.  (Courses and categories are listed above.)