Chinese Language and Cultural Activities

Language Partner Program (语言伙伴项目)

The aim of this program is to promote Chinese language study for American students, and English language study for Chinese students. Through this program, native speakers of Chinese can help our Chinese language students with their Chinese language learning and our Chinese language students can help students/scholars from China with their English in exchange. If you are interested in this program, please contact Yuan Lu,

The Chinese Corner (中文角)

The Chinese Corner is a non-threatening, pleasant place for faculty and students who want to practice their oral Chinese. Learners of all levels are welcome to join, since we have topics suitable for each level. At the Chinese Corner, you can make friends with Chinese students and exchange opinions on cultural issues. You will surely learn something new every time you come! We welcome everyone who wants to speak Chinese.

Contact person: Bo Sun,

The Chinese Host Family Program (中国家庭项目)

The purpose of this program is to help our American students to gain first-hand experience of Chinese culture, lifestyle, customs, and conventions through establishing friendship relations with Chinese families. Students who join this program will be invited by their Chinese host family to join their family activities on a regular basis. If you wish to make Chinese friends and to get to know Chinese people, please sign up for this program.

Contact person:

Cross-University Chinese Language Performance Competition(校际中文口语表演赛)

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This competition gives students in and outside of Iowa a great opportunity to show their oral Chinese proficiency as well as their talent in performing. As many as four universities have participated in the competition, including The University of Iowa, Iowa State University, Winona State University, and Grinnell College. Each university presents a set of programs, and then participants are awarded prizes at an awards ceremony.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration (中秋节晚会)

The Chinese Program hosts an annual celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival. We invite all students and faculty members to join our party. You will meet Chang’e, the goddess of the Moon; learn a beautiful Chinese legendary story; and taste moon cakes as well as other Chinese food. If you know some Chinese characters or some trivia about China, you may win a prize! Come and join us for a pleasant evening.

For the Fall 2015 semester's activity schedule, please see the Flyer


Chinese Character Handwriting Contest (汉字书写比赛)

This competition is specially designed for First Year Chinese students in the UI Chinese program. The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to learn and to develop penmanship in written Chinese. Through the contest, students will learn about the qualities of Chinese characters and appreciate their beauty.

For the Fall 2015 semester's activity schedule, please see the Flyer

Collection of Student Chinese Essays(中文学生作文选)

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JUHE SUPPLEMENT 居荷副刊 is an annual magazine dedicated to the publication of fine Chinese essays written by learners of Chinese as a foreign language for the purpose of promoting Chinese study in North America. It provides a venue for learners to practice their penmanship and to share their ideas, inspirations, and successes in their Chinese learning.

We sincerely thank the Chinese Students & Scholars Association of the University of Iowa for its support to JUHE SUPPLEMENT, which has made this publication available to our Chinese learners.

Submitting Essays to JUHE SUPPLEMENT
We welcome students of Chinese nationwide to submit their writings. We accept manuscripts anytime during the year. A sample copy of JUHE SUPPLEMENT might be available upon request. All submissions should be sent electronically. Upon receipt, the principal author will receive notification of receipt of the manuscript. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, the contributor(s) will receive two complimentary copies of the magazine.

Please include contact information in your submission and send your manuscript to: .

JUHE Supplement 2018


Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting Workshops(中国书画工作坊)

For the Chinese, Chinese calligraphy is the highest form of art. Chinese brush painting, another fine art, evolved from Chinese calligraphy. Traditionally, Qin (a stringed musical instrument), Qi (a strategic board game), Shu (calligraphy), and Hua (brush painting) are considered the four noble skills by Chinese literati.

Calligraphy and Brush Painting Workshops provide students the unique opportunity not only to observe the processes of the Chinese art but also to participate in such processes. A well-known State-Certified National First-Class Artist from Mainland China has been invited to our workshops and will give calligraphy and brush painting demonstrations.

For the schedule of this year, please check back.

Chinese Movie Month (中国电影月)

Watching Chinese movies is not only entertaining but also a pleasant way of learning Chinese language and culture. We will present four movies (with English subtitles) in this year’s Chinese Movie Month. In addition to a kung-fu (martial arts) movie, other Chinese movies reflecting various aspects of Chinese society will be presented to our audience during the Chinese Movie Month.

For the schedule of this year, please check back.

Chinese New Year Celebration ― Dumpling Workshop (庆祝中国新年暨饺子晚会)

Lunar Chinese New Year’s Day, or Spring Festival, is the most popular Chinese traditional holiday. Chinese dumplings are one of the most important dishes during the Chinese New Year Celebration. Traditionally, family members get together to make dumplings on New Year's Eve. They may hide a coin in one of the dumplings, and the person who finds the coin will is said to have good fortune in the New Year. Thus, Chinese dumplings are part of Chinese cultural tradition. The Chinese New Year Dumpling Workshop provides students an opportunity to learn to make dumplings and celebrate Chinese New Year. Everyone is welcome!

For the Spring 2016 semester's activity schedule, please see the Flyer

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