Requirements for a Minor in ASL

The minor in ASL may be earned by any undergraduate student.  Students must 1) successfully complete the ASL I-IV sequence, ASL:1001 to ASL:2002, or demonstrate equivalent proficiency; 2) earn a minimum of 15 semester hours of credit in approved courses; 3) complete at least 12 semester hours at the University of Iowa in courses numbered ASL:3000 or above.

All classes must have a language component.  A maximum of one course may be taken that is not chiefly taught in the target language. Click here for the minor checklist (PDF).

The following courses may be counted toward the minor:

The following courses may be counted toward the minor:
Course Number Course Name


American Sign Language IV

ASL:2500 Introduction to Interpreting


American Sign Language Conversation


Topics in Deaf Studies

ASL:3300 American Deaf Culture
ASL:3400 Issues in ASL and Deaf Studies
ASL:3500 Deafness in the Media


American Sign Language Literature


Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

ASL:4201/HIST:4201 History of the American Deaf Community

Coursework totaling thirty semester hours are currently available. Students may take either ASL:2500 or ASLE:3905, both of which are taught in English, as long as they register for optional discussion sections conducted in ASL, which will entail additional course requirements intended to advance language proficiency (Italian and German both offer similar arrangements).

*Please note: Independent Study may not be applied towards the minor.