VP stands for Videophone.  When you call this number you will be connected with a relay interpreter who will interpret your message into ASL.  V stands for voice.  When you call this number you will be connected to a voice telephone.  Calling someone who uses a videophone is no more complicated than calling someone who uses a voice telephone.  If you've never called someone with a videophone before, you might find this helpful:


Table of Faculty in the Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Name E-mail Phone Office Hours

Douglas C. Baynton

Professor (319) 335-2300 (V) 322 Schaeffer Hall Not Teaching Fall 2018

Sandra Buchholz

Lecturer 668 PH M-Th 10:00-10:30 & 1:30-2:30

Rebecca Clark

Lecturer (319) 384-1533 (V) 677 PH M 12:30-2:00, W 10:30-12:00

Jannelle Legg

Lecturer 319-467-0396 674 PH T 3:00-4:30, W 10:30-12:00

Carol Manning

Lecturer 319-335-1190 672 PH M T 10:30-12:00

Kelly Neppl

Lecturer (319) 335-1717 (V) 681 PH M T 9:00-10:30

Timothy W. Sheets

Lecturer (319) 855-7139 (VP) 675 PH M W 11:30-1:00

Robert Vizzini, or "Vizz"

Lecturer (712) 587-8312 (VP) 673 PH M T 1:00-2:00, T 10:00-11:00