CLAS Workshop registration

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Workshop Descriptions & Who Attends

Promotion and Tenure Process Workshop: DEO, Administrators, Committee Chairs and involved staff are required to attend one session per AY.
This workshop will review the requirements and process for P&T: discuss forms, conflict of interest, external reviewers, letters, time line and deadlines, criteria for rank, CCG,  joint appointments,  absent faculty, confidentiality, problems and solutions.

Newly Tenured: Newly tenured faculty or those tenured in the last few years.
Rights and responsibilities of tenured faculty, time management, stipend supplements, mentoring, scholarship and research will be discussed.

Newly Promoted: Faculty newly promoted to Full Professor or promoted in the last few years.
Challenges, opportunities, leadership, mentoring and teaching will be discussed.

Merit Raise Workshop: DEOs and Administrators are required to attend.
Guidelines, accountability, transparency and process will be covered.

Faculty Review Workshop: DEOs and Administrators are required to attend.
FRAP, the types of reviews, classroom observation requirements, tenure clock, extensions, problems and solutions will be covered.