Instructional Equipment and Departmental Classroom Improvement Proposals

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Joe Kearney, Associate Dean for Research and Development
RE: Instructional Equipment and Departmental Classroom Improvement Proposals

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The College is updating its funding requests for instructional equipment and departmental classroom improvements:

Instructional Equipment
The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is expecting to make instructional equipment grants this year.  Instructional equipment includes the purchase or the replacement of any equipment that is necessary for the teaching of courses. Requests should not include computer equipment, which might be funded through the student technology fee allocations. Please submit requests using the Instructional Equipment Proposal form provided [pdf or docx]. Multiple proposals must be prioritized by the DEO.  Previously submitted instructional equipment proposals that have not been funded and have not changed substantively do not need to be resubmitted, but should be included as part the DEO’s prioritizations.

Departmental Classroom Improvements
CLAS annually submits requests for departmental classroom improvements to the Provost’s Office for funding out of the Facilities Renewal and Equipment Committee (FREC).  I would appreciate it if you would send your prioritized lists for any departmental classroom/teaching lab projects that would address deferred maintenance in these spaces, or projects that would transform classrooms to improve or enhance the delivery of instruction. Priority for FREC funds is classroom renovation/improvement or the replacement of fixed capital equipment. Requests (in the form of a narrative) should include the room number/location, utilization, rationale, description of the project, and an approximate cost; requests should not include instructional equipment or computers.

Please submit separate proposals for instructional equipment requests (using the form provided) and departmental classroom improvement requests (narrative). Requests for multiple items or projects within each category should be prioritized. If you have any questions, please contact Eugene Buck at 335-2612 or Requests should be submitted to Eugene Buck (240 Schaeffer Hall or via e-mail) by Friday, October 31, 2014.

Thank you.