ACE Fields Added to Offerings Planner

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum and the Humanities
RE: ACE Fields Added to Offerings Planner

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In order to refine choices for ACE evaluations, additional fields have been added to the Offerings Planner “Instructors” page.

The first new field allows you to override the automatic assignment of evaluations by the instructor’s role. Simply choose “No” on this new field to stop the designated person from receiving ACE forms or “Yes” to add them.


An additional override field has been added to the same page to request that evaluation forms be released early for certain instructors who, for example, are team-teaching in a sequential pattern “back-to-back” and thus need their ACE evaluation forms completed before the end date of the course. Using this new field, you may override the normal ACE release date for the evaluations. You may instead request a specific date for the early release of the ACE evaluation forms to students for a particular instructor. It is not necessary to use this override for courses that are already scheduled as “off-cycle” courses since the system will automatically send evaluations to these students at the appropriate time.


Best practices should still be followed when requesting students to complete these ACE evaluation forms at an earlier time in the semester. Likewise, CLAS policy about the use of evaluations must followed.

For more information on ACE evaluations, visit this page.

Thank you.