North Campus Test Center (NCTC) and Exam Proctoring

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
RE: North Campus Test Center (NCTC) and Exam Proctoring

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Do you know about the North Campus Test Center? The North Campus Test Center (NCTC) is a 48-seat test center administered by Distance and Online Education (DOE) Exam Services that offers proctoring services for UI faculty and students. While some student accommodations (denoted by an asterisk on students’ Letters of Accommodation) can be fulfilled at SDS, many accommodations can be fulfilled at the NCTC. Accommodations that can be fulfilled at the test center are listed on students’ Letters of Accommodation without an asterisk.

Faculty can schedule student exams at the North Campus Test Center (NCTC) from the Proctored Exam Portal, available in ICON. Here are step-by-step instructions to add the Proctored Exams Portal to your ICON site and request an individual proctored exam for a student.  

Please contact; 319-384-4800 if you have questions about enabling or using the portal.