CLAS Undergraduate Student Success Workshop Series for Students

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
RE: CLAS Undergraduate Student Success Workshop Series for Students

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We know that college can be challenging for our undergraduate students. Iowa is working to normalize support-seeking behavior for all students in all areas of their academic and personal matters. CLAS UP has partnered with campus partners who offer resources for students and has created a series of Student Success Workshops for undergraduate students in CLAS. These supportive sessions will run throughout the fall semester and with topics based on direct feedback from students on what they would like to see: learning strategies, test-taking tips, stress reduction, wellness, and money management advice. These sessions are FREE and open to all undergraduate students.

Feel free to provide this information to students by email, in your departments and programs, in your courses and when you meet one on one with students. We need your help in getting the word out!

Please encourage students to check out the full list of sessions and sign up today:

  • Bouncing Back in Times of Stress: Resiliency
  • Daily Habits of a Successful Student
  • Hawks Helping Hawks- Basic Need Resources
  • Managing Distress
  • Mindfulness 101
  • Money Management: Budgeting and Financial Aid
  • Reflecting on Your Learning: Refine Your Study Strategies Now
  • Seeking Support
  • So Much to Do, So Little Time: Time Management Strategies for Academic Success
  • Taking Care: Tips and Tricks to Feel Well
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • What is Student Disability Services (SDS)?

Students can also find more information on the CLAS Undergraduate Student Success website or in the CLAS Newsletter.