Attachment of Syllabi to MyUI: Additional Information

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum, and the Humanities
RE: Attachment of Syllabi to MyUI: Additional Information

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Starting with Spring 2018, each undergraduate course listed on the MyUI schedule must have a syllabus attached before the early registration period begins for the next semester.

This fall, that deadline is Monday, November 6.

  • The Offerings Planner should be used to attach syllabi so that only those in the UI community with a HawkID and a password can access a syllabus.
  • In order to view the attached syllabi, login to MyUI by using the login icon in the upper right-hand corner of the MyUI landing page.  Once logged-in, go the course tab.  The syllabus, if attached, will be visible once you click on a course link and view the course information.

As with the change in the due date for ordering textbooks so that UI is better able to comply with the HEO Act*, exceptions to the syllabi attachment policy may be made for the same reasons:

  • If an instructor has not yet been hired
  • If the instructor has not yet been assigned to a course
  • If the course is new and still under development
  • If the textbook is new and still under development 

Because of this early posting date, some syllabi will need to be revised before the course is taught.  A disclaimer should be added by the instructor at the top of the first page of the syllabus, with the following wording suggested: This syllabus is subject to change; the final version will be made available for enrolled students at the start of the semester.

Thank you.

*Visit the HEO Act for more details concerning the legislation (scroll to down to this tag [Page 122 STAT. 3108].