Reminder: Textbook Ordering Deadlines

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum and the Humanities
RE: Reminder: Textbook Ordering Deadlines

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All textbooks must be ordered for the next semester before Early Registration begins in order for UI to be in compliance with the HEO Act.

  • Textbook Ordering Deadline for Spring 2018:      Before November 6, 2017
  • Textbook Ordering Deadline for Fall 2018:            Before April 9, 2018

An exception will be made only in the following circumstances:

  • If an instructor has not yet been hired
  • If the instructor has not yet been assigned to a course
  • If the course is new and still under development
  • If the textbook is new and still under development 

Early ordering saves students money—substantial amounts—and this is the central reason that the HEO legislation concerning textbooks was enacted. 

  • See the attached handout showing textbook pricing by month.

New Procedures for Adding Textbook Information to the UI Schedule

  1. Departmental staff or instructors no longer select or indicate the bookstore or stores where texts will be ordered.  
  2. Some departments have staff collect and place TA and/or other instructors’ orders at the bookstores.  Others ask instructors to place their own orders. This process is up to departments.
  3. If ordered at one of the three local stores (the Hawk Shop, Iowa Book, or Prairie Lights), the required HEO Act textbook information will be automatically entered on the MyUI schedule of courses as soon as the order is processed by the store and the data feed is sent back to UI and uploaded into MAUI.
  4. If faculty are requiring students to use texts at a different store than the 3 above, the required textbook information should be added by hand by staff in the Other Resources field within the Offerings Planner. Examples of this information might be the use of E-books accessed from the library or from an online store.
  5. How bookstore names will be displayed on the course schedule once texts are ordered is still under discussion; more information will be forthcoming.

Did you know? Textbook prices spike when faculty delay book orders.