Writing Fellows Program: Help with Responding to Student Writing

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum and the Humanities
RE: Writing Fellows Program: Help with Responding to Student Writing

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Writing Fellows are available to help instructors who are assigning at least two papers in a course with an enrollment of around 15 to 45 undergraduates, preferably without a TA.

Instructors interested in working with the Fellows program for Fall 2016 should send Carol Severino an email describing the course; she will then contact the instructor about various options.

Each Writing Fellow works with about 8-14 undergraduate students, with larger courses assigned more than one Fellow. 

  • Writing Fellows are Honors undergraduate students who have been trained in peer tutoring.
  • Writing Fellows work closely with instructors to learn the goals of the course and the purpose of each writing assignment.
  • Fellows respond to two writing assignments, one before the first half of the semester, and one after.
  • Fellows read first drafts carefully, making marginal comments and noting patterns of errors in style and grammar.
  • Fellows write each student a letter about the draft, noting if the student has fulfilled the demands of the assignment.
  • Within a week, Fellows return the draft and letter to the student and hold individual conferences about strategies and options for revision.

Please visit Writing Fellows at the Writing Center website for more information. Thank you for participating in this exciting program which helps instructors and students alike.