Procedures for Faculty Requests to Change Department or Percentage of Budgeted Appointments – Request Due Feb. 1

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Chaden Djalali, Dean
RE: Procedures for Faculty Requests to Change Department or Percentage of Budgeted Appointments – Request Due Feb. 1

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Below are reprinted the College's procedures for faculty requests to move all or part of their budgeted appointment to a different department of appointment, or for jointly appointed faculty to alter the percentage appointment in each department. The College considers such movements of appointment to be a reallocation of faculty lines.

The deadline for faculty to submit a request to the College, after appropriate discussions with the relevant DEOs and departments, is February 1. These procedures can also be found here:

During the fall semester. The faculty member must first discuss the possibility of a change in appointment with the DEO of his/her current home department and with the DEO of the department in which s/he seeks a budgeted appointment. (In the case of a faculty member already jointly appointed, s/he discusses the possibility of a change in the percentage time allocated to each department with the DEO of each department.) In both departments, the DEO must also consult the departmental faculty on the request.

By February 1. If the department in which the faculty member seeks appointment recommends an offer of appointment, the faculty member submits a formal written request to the Dean of the College (and copied to both DEOs), specifying the change requested and the reasons for the request. For a change in appointment to be considered for the subsequent academic year, this letter must be submitted to the Dean of the College by February 1.

February. The Dean asks each DEO to submit a confidential letter by March 1, evaluating the request and its effect on the department's mission. The DEO's letter must reflect the earlier discussion by the departmental faculty.

March-April. The CLAS Executive Committee advises the Dean on all requests for changes in budgeted appointment during the annual discussion of proposals from departments for new faculty searches in the subsequent academic year. The timing of this discussion reflects the impact that shifts in faculty appointment have on the resources of departments and the College. After consultation with the Executive Committee, the Dean responds to the request on behalf of the College. If the request is approved, the faculty member, the DEOs, and the Executive Associate Dean meet to prepare or revise an agreement clarifying the units' expectations and the faculty member's responsibilities (as above).