Posting Undergraduate Syllabi in MyUI Strongly Encouraged, Not Required

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
RE: Posting Undergraduate Syllabi in MyUI Strongly Encouraged, Not Required

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This year UEPCC discussed the requirement that a syllabus must be shared in MyUI for each undergraduate course. Wanting both to support student success and allow flexibility for instructors and departmental administrators, the committee recommended that the current policy be revised.

The revised policy strongly encourages, rather than requires, instructors to share course information in MyUI before early registration for undergraduate courses each semester through one of these options:

  • a course syllabus (even if additional changes will be made, please note, “draft syllabus, subject to changes” on the version posted)


  • a short document with key course information (see below for recommended elements)


  • a thorough and up-to-date MyUI course description (expanding on the General Catalog description, which also appears in MyUI) that includes key course information

Key course information includes:

  • a course description
  • course format and participation expectations (i.e., lecture, discussion, lab, other)
  • learning outcomes for the course
  • a schedule/timeline of major assessments and key assignment dates over the semester
  • course grading information (breakdown of what will be included in the course grade)

The policy change begins with spring 2023 courses.


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