2019-2020 General Catalog: Due Date and Related Curricular Information

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum, and the Humanities
RE: 2019-2020 General Catalog: Due Date and Related Curricular Information

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The 2019-2020 General Catalog was sent to each department or program in mid-January for updates and corrections.

  • Catalog copy is due at the Registrar’s Office on February 8, 2019, using the online content management system.
  • Please submit your catalog copy as soon as possible since additional offices on the workflow path must approve the copy, including CLAS, before the Catalog’s publication.
  • Individual courses that have been updated for Spring, Summer, or Fall 2019 will appear with those updates in this edition of the Catalog while changes to individual courses made for Spring 2020 will appear in the next edition of the Catalog.

Please keep in mind that significant changes made in the Catalog to the requirements of an undergraduate major, minor, or certificate must have prior approval from the College. Significant changes include the addition of tracks or changes in their titles; changes in core or fundamental requirements; the addition of significant credit hours; and related matters.

The undergraduate degree audit is annually updated based on the changes made in the Catalog after CLAS has approved the materials.

  • These changes become effective for students declaring the program of study during the fall semester and onward.  
  • Entering students for Fall 2019 who declared a major during the UI admission process are thus held to the previous requirements.
  • Please be mindful of the timing of updates to related websites; do not update a website until the change is approved by the College and is ready for implementation.

If you have questions about the Catalog or related undergraduate curricular changes, please contact my office (335-2633).

Thank you for sharing this memo with those in your area working on Catalog copy.