Spring 2023 Reminders for Undergraduate Instructors

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
RE: Spring 2023 Reminders for Undergraduate Instructors

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Undergraduate Academic Deadlines for Spring 2023

CLAS will adhere to the Registrar’s Academic Calendar for undergraduate course adds, course drops, and withdrawals. Thank you for keeping your undergraduate students informed about academic deadlines.

  • Adding a course: The deadline to add semester-length courses without collegiate authorization is Monday, January 30.
  • P/N Grading: The deadline for undergraduates to add or change P/N or audit status is Monday, January 30.
  • The deadline to drop a course without a W is Monday, January 30. Ws are neutral marks that do not affect a student’s GPA.
  • Dropping a course: The deadline to drop individual semester-length courses without collegiate authorization (and with a W) is Monday, April 17.
  • Undergraduate students who wish to drop a course or withdraw their registration after April 17 will need collegiate authorization from the administrative home of the course. 
  • Withdrawal of entire registration: The deadline to withdraw from the spring semester without collegiate authorization is Monday, April 17.
  • The full calendar can be seen here: https://registrar.uiowa.edu/academic-calendar
  • Please refer students with questions to CLAS Undergraduate Programs in 120 Schaeffer Hall or clas-undergrad@uiowa.edu.

Online Add Procedures

The Registrar’s Office has created a process for students to add classes through MyUI/MAUI, similar to the online course drop/withdrawal process. The process is described here: https://help.maui.uiowa.edu/online-course-add-process-instructors

Instructors should ensure all students attending are properly registered for the course. Please do not add students to ICON if they are not registered for the course. ICON access is automatically granted to the student overnight after they have finalized the course add.

Supporting Undergraduate Student Absences

Please review the information on: Student Absences

  • It is critical that the syllabus clearly provide an explanation of attendance policies, including excused/unexcused absences if applicable, and what students should do if they will be absent from class.
  • Instructors should also discuss this attendance policy with students from time to time throughout the semester.
  • Whenever possible, instructors should try to build in flexibility to attendance and participation policies.
  • Instructors of in-person courses are not expected or encouraged to offer Zoom access for students who cannot attend class. Instructors should adhere to the course modality that is published in MyUI.
  • For longer absences, students can be asked to use the CLAS absence form to report their absence and turn it in to the instructor; this form is also available through ICON. The form is only intended as a communication tool. 

CLAS Undergraduate Student Academic Concern Form

The academic staff in CLAS Undergraduate Programs (120 Schaeffer Hall) have created a reporting form for instructors to use when academic concerns arise related to a student in one of their courses. If you are concerned about a student, please fill out the online reporting form. You will be asked to share your name, the student’s name, and a brief summary of the concern. You can choose whether or not to remain anonymous, and CLAS staff will determine the appropriate outreach and resources to support the student.

Reasons instructors might use the form:  

  • Student has stopped coming to class or stopped submitting assignments with no communication for more than a week.
  • Student has not responded to your attempts to outreach via email or ICON website.

For support reporting academic misconduct, please visit the CLAS website on Undergraduate Academic Misconduct for questions and to make these types of reports.

Other Campus Supports for Students

For support with matters related to Title IX, other sexual misconduct claims, or any protected class complaints, please contact The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) for questions and to learn more about these types of issues.

Please bookmark the location of this printable document, Quick Guide for Responding to Distress, located on the Office of the Dean of Students website, or make a copy to use as needed. Departments may want to consider printing a stack of these to hand out to all instructors, including Graduate Student Teaching Assistants.

The Dean of Students has a student concern/issue reporting system that can be used for concerns related to the code of student life, student conduct, fraternity/sorority concern and other matters related to student behavior or concern around student wellness and basic needs.