February 24, 2021

Memo/Item Author(s)/Name(s) of Researcher(s) in CLAS Action
1 Jumpstarting Today Seed Grant Program funding opportunity Joshua Weiner, Associate Dean for Research Please share with all faculty.
2 Undergraduate Grades and ICON: Important Information Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Please share with all DUSs, Course Supervisors, and Instructors
3 Faculty Honors Celebration— new format and call for submissions Sara Sanders, Interim Dean and Director of DEI Please share with all faculty and staff.
Events and Deadlines
24 Nominations for Dean’s Achievement Awards due
24 Faculty Assembly, 3:30PM, zoom link
26 CLAS Postdoctoral Scholar Nominations due
1 DEO Meeting, 3:30PM, zoom link
2 Instructional Break
2 OVPR Spring 2021 Arts & Humanities Initiative (AHI) Program applications due
5 Proposed GE Sustainability Requirement Informational Forum
15 Nominations for CLAS Outreach and Public Engagement Award due
22 DEO Meeting, 3:30PM, zoom link
31 Faculty Assembly, 3:30PM, zoom link