Final Exam Review Period for Spring 2023

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Cornelia Lang, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
RE: Final Exam Review Period for Spring 2023

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Faculty Review Period

Faculty will be able to review their final exam assignments before the schedule is published for students. The faculty review period for Spring 2023 final exams is February 3–8, 2023.

The review opportunity allows primary instructors the ability to indicate to the Office of the Registrar if:

  1. A date, time, and/or university classroom assigned for a course section is no longer needed; or
  2. A date, time, and/or university classroom assignment has not been requested for a course section that needs one.

Faculty should plan to review the final exam schedule that is made available to them in MAUI as soon as they receive it and request needed changes promptly.

Please keep in mind these important suggestions for review of the final exam schedule:

  • As soon as the schedule is published to students (February 13, 2023), it becomes difficult to make changes (and approval is needed from CLAS).
  • Many students make travel plans after publication of the official schedule that are difficult to change.
  • Students who have exam conflicts are encouraged to arrange makeup times by March 1.
  • Students who qualify for SDS exam accommodations need to have those arranged with the faculty member at least three weeks in advance of the final exam.
  • Since the final exam schedule is managed centrally and some students have exams in multiple colleges, it is critical that changes are not made after the published schedule.

Final Exam Modality Changes

CLAS does not support changes to the modality of a final exam from an in-person modality to an online modality. Changes of this nature (especially close to the end of the semester) can cause confusion for students, and issues related to the need for access to technology and internet arise. We also know that the use of online resources can contribute to academic misconduct during exams.

If an emergency arises and the instructor is unable to attend their final exam time and place, please work with the department to find a solution. If the only solution is to offer the exam online, please contact for permission for undergraduate final exams to have their modality changed. It is important that CLAS UP knows of any changes to modalities to help when students share concerns with our office.

Late Requests

Requests made after publication of the official schedule for CLAS courses will require approval from the DEO and the CLAS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education (for undergraduate courses) or Associate Dean for Graduate Education (for graduate courses). All requests must include the curricular justification for the late change, addition, or release. 

CLAS Examination Policies may be found on the website.


If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss with your department, contact or email