Academic and Professional Record (APR) Merit Raise Review- Due September 3

To: Departmental Executive Officers
From: Raúl Curto, Executive Associate Dean
RE: Academic and Professional Record (APR) Merit Raise Review- Due September 3

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Dear CLAS Faculty Members:

All faculty merit raise review evaluations will be based on the information entered in the Academic and Professional Record (APR). I strongly recommend that you set aside some time to review and edit the data in your APR.  The merit raise review period will be from January 1, 2018-August 2, 2019, unless your academic unit specifies a longer period. 

Once you have reviewed and edited your APR, please click the “CLAS APR Data Review” area under “General Information” in your APR.  Click on the due date (Due: September 3, 2019), check the box behind “I hereby affirm my APR data is up to date,” enter the date and click save. This will allow the College to be assured that you have reviewed your data and are comfortable with the contents of your APR. 

If you get the message “Item has blank values for the display fields” instead of seeing the year, contact one of us so we can add the year for you to select.

If you have any questions regarding the APR please contact your departmental administrator; alternatively, one of the CLAS experts: Alaina Hanson, Karen Noggle, or Carole Kern.  Completion due by September 3, 2019, unless an earlier deadline has been specified by your academic unit.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation in this important project.

Best regards,