Departmental Reviews in Progress

Note: After the review report is submitted, the department is invited to respond to the review recommendations. The review concludes with the response of the Deans of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Graduate College to the review recommendations. When the Deans' response has been transmitted to the Department, the review materials become public documents.

Department/Program Review Visit Review Committee (Internal & External)
Geographical and Sustainability Sciences Spring 2023 Paul Robbins, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Andrew Comrie, University of Arizona
Jessica Hellmann, University of Minnesota
Christopher Stipp, Biology, CLAS
Thorsten Rudroff, Health and Human Physiology, CLAS
School of Social Work Spring 2023 Paul Sacco, University of Maryland
John Bricout, University of Minnesota
Amy Mendenhall, University of Kansas
Scott Shaw, Chemistry, CLAS
Yu-Hsiang Wu, Communication Science and Disorders
Political Science Fall 2023 Jon Pevehouse, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrea Campbell, MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lee Ann Banaszak, Pennsylvania State University
Scott Daly, Chemistry, CLAS
Stephanie DiPietro, Sociology and Criminology, CLAS
Spanish and Portuguese Fall 2023 Jose Camacho, University of Chicago
Laura Podalsky, Ohio State University
Susan Larson, Texas Tech University
Bradley Dicharry, Art and Art History, CLAS
Jeremy Manternach, Music, CLAS
Biology Spring 2024

Katharine (Kate) Lewis, Syracuse University

David Schulz, University of Missouri-Columbia

Ellen Ketterson, Indiana University Bloomington

Andrew (Drew) Kitchen, Anthropology, CLAS

Lucas Carr, Health and Human Physiology, CLAS

Classics Spring 2024

Antony Augoustakis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

James (Jim) Clauss, University of Washington

John Gibert, University of Colorado-Boulder

Brian Gollnick, Spanish and Portuguese, CLAS

Asha Bhandary, Philosophy, CLAS

Dance Spring 2024 Betsy Cooper, Marymount Manhattan College
Charles Anderson, Ohio State University
Gerald Casel, Rutgers University
Kristine Munoz, Spanish and Portuguese, CLAS
Andrew Casto, Art and Art History, CLAS
French and Italian Fall 2024 TBD
Gender, Women's, and Sexualities Studies Fall 2024 TBD
German Fall 2024 TBD
Global Health Studies Fall 2024 TBD
Rhetoric Fall 2024 TBD
African American Studies Spring 2025 TBD
American Studies Spring 2025 TBD
Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures Spring 2025 TBD