Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations


COS—Change In Status form
CV—Change Voucher (Accounting-only change)
FA11, FA12, FA13, FA14, FA15—Codes for adjunct faculty
FE11, FE12, FE13—Codes for emeritus faculty
FQ, FC—Codes for clinical faculty
FR18—Undergraduate Research Assistant
FR19—Graduate Research Assistant
FR52, FT52, FV52—Fellows and Trainees
FS12, FS13, FS14, FH15, FH17—Codes for non-tenured faculty
FT11, FT12, FT13—Codes for tenured faculty
FT18—Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
FT19—Graduate Teaching Assistant
FTE—Full-time equivalent
FV11, FV12, FV13, FV14, FV15—Codes for visiting faculty
HRIS—Human Resources Information System
HTE—Half-time equivalent
LOA—Leave of Absence
LWOP—Leave Without Pay
LWP—Leave With Pay
MFK—Master File Key
QTE—Quarter-time equivalent
SCH—Semester Credit Hour
SCF—Student Computer Fees

Graduate Student Matters

CGS—Council of Graduate Schools
DGS—Director of Graduate Studies
GA—Graduate Assistant
GTA—Graduate Teaching Assistant
ITF—Interdisciplinary Teaching Fellowship
RA—Research Assistant
TA—Teaching Assistant
UE/COGS—Graduate assistant bargaining unit

Faculty Matters

AHI—Arts and Humanities Initiative
CDA—Career Development Award (renamed to PDA — Professional Development Award)
DCG—Departmental Consulting Group
DEO—Departmental Executive Officer
EC—Executive Committee
GEPC-Graduate Education Policy Committee
UEPCC—Undergraduate Educational Policy & Curriculum Committee
FA—Faculty Assembly
FDOP—Faculty Diversity Opportunity Program
FMLA—Family Medical Leave Act
OG—Old Gold Fellowship
PDA — Professional Development Award
P&T—Promotion and Tenure
PTEAP—Post-tenure Effort Allocation Policy


AAC—Academic Advising Center
AAUP—American Association of University Professors
ACPSD- Academic Programs & Student Development
CCG—Collegiate Consulting Group
CIC—Committee on Interinstitutional Cooperation
CLAS—College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
DCG—Departmental Consulting Group
DIPS—Division of Interdisciplinary Programs
DPA—Division of Performing Arts
DSP—Division of Sponsored Programs
EOD—Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (Affirmative Action)
GC—Graduate College
IP—International Programs
PO—Provost’s Office
SDS—Student Disability Services
UI—The University of Iowa


ADA —Americans with Disabilities Act
AY12—Academic Year 2011-2012
F&A—Facilities and Administration
Forms A, B, C and D—Affirmative Action forms for searches
FY12—Fiscal Year 2011-2012
MOU—Memorandum of Understanding
PIA—Pre-Interview Audit