Administrative Manual — Submitting the Appointment Papers

Appointment Form

The department enters the appointment into the HR Web Transaction System.

A faculty member may be appointed on a single MFK or on a combination of budget sources, as in the case of a joint appointment with another department, for example, or an appointment made on both the General Education Fund (050) allocation and external funds. For a salary funded from multiple MFKs within one department, the appointment form lists the MFKs and the amount of salary each pays. For a salary divided between two departments, each department generates a separate appointment form and, in the “comments” section, indicates whether it is the unit of primary or secondary appointment.

Documentation Accompanying the Appointment Form

The department will initiate the appointment form through the HR Transaction System, and will attach the CV, signed offer letter, and 3 letters of recommendation.

If the appointee completed the Ph.D. or other terminal degree after the offer of appointment was made, the department may either verify the degree online or attach a letter from the graduate college of the degree-granting institution specifying the date on which all requirements were completed.

Verifying Identity and Employment Eligibility

All newly appointed University employees, including all new tenure-track and visiting faculty members, must verify their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. The DEO submits an Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Form I–9 directly to the Payroll office, with copies of the documents used to verify employment eligibility attached. If visa problems are anticipated for a new faculty member, the DEO informs Faculty & Staff Immigration Services, 335-1167.

The Form I–9 must be completed by the third day of employment. Otherwise, the appointment must be terminated and the faculty member paid only for the first three days of service. If the department submits a certified mail receipt showing that a document needed for Form I–9 completion has been applied for, the person can be appointed for 90 days; if the documentation is not provided within 90 days, the appointment must be terminated.

The Form I–9 remains valid indefinitely for a person employed continuously at the University, unless the person’s work authorization expires. Since work authorization for international scholars often has an expiration date, the department must monitor expiration dates and update the Form I–9 when necessary. An employee whose appointment is terminated may be rehired within three years without a new Form I–9 being filed, unless work authorization has expired. More information regarding compliance with the immigration regulations can be obtained from Faculty & Staff Immigration Services, 335-1167.